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Global art market sales vs HNWI wealth

Global art market sales have been flat for a decade, despite HNWI's wealth doubling over the same period

The art market is evolving, with an increasing need for modernised processes and reduced transaction costs. Greater transparency and stronger security of data are essential to foster growth and unlock the market's full potential in an era of expanding global private wealth.

About Artclear

Artclear leadership team

Digital Asset Management for Art

Artclear is revolutionising the art market by addressing its lack of reliable data.

Coming from the world of payments and settlement of high-value financial transactions, Artclear’s founders could see that the art world struggled with high transaction costs and administrative burdens, such as the continual re-verification of artworks and their associated information. The industry’s infrastructure lacked the security and accessibility of modern financial systems.

In order to provide a secure digital asset management system for art, the founders quickly realised that the essential component would be a means by which to forensically connect the physical artworks to verified digital records.

Partnering with HP Inc, they developed exclusive fingerprinting technology for the art industry to  protect against fraud, forgery and substitution. This innovation connects works of art to reliable data, reducing the costs and risks of all types of transactions, thereby empowering the market and its participants.

Today, Artclear is setting a new standard for art identification, paving the way for a more secure and accessible art market.

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Advisory Committees

Throughout its development Artclear has been supported by Market and Technical advisory committees. Members provide strategic and operational advice and design input to the development of the Artclear scanner and registry. They sit on the committees in a personal capacity.

Market Advisory Committee

Formed of 14 advisors from leading galleries, museums, logistics specialists, lawyers, collectors and insurers

Technical Advisory Committee

Members are expert technologists from leading technology companies and academia

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