May 30, 2024

Artclear Connects: Art Collecting in the Digital Age

Artclear Connects: Art Collecting in the Digital Age

In Artclear’s first webinar, we invited two industry experts to share their insights on how technology is transforming the future of collecting art: Elizabeth Dee, Founder and CEO of the art fairs Independent New York and Independent 20th Century, and Craig Hollingworth, tech entrepreneur and renowned art collector.  

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Key Insights

Challenges Collectors Face in the Current Art Market: Cost, Risk and Inefficiency

  • The excessive costs involved in proving the authenticity of artworks, especially when purchased on the secondary market.
  • The risks and complexities associated with art transactions because of a reliance on unverified information.
  • Most collectors currently manage their collections with the use of Excel spreadsheets.
  • They often find themselves bogged down by inefficiencies in administrative tasks that bring tedious aspects to art management.

The Evolution of Art Collecting

  • Collecting 1.0 represents what collectors have been doing since the beginning of time, using traditional paper methods.
  • Collecting 2.0 started in the early 2000s with digital management tools that were developed to help people professionalise the management of their art inventory.
  • There remains a need for a fundamental shift in how information about artworks is managed and traced; a common thread that ties all this information together.

The Future of Art Collecting

  • Collecting 3.0 is a development in information management.  
  • Infrastructure such as Artclear make it possible to connect traceable facts both to an artwork and its source.
  • This can help liberate collectors from administrative burdens, reduce the need for constant re-verification of information, and address the inefficiency and risks in the transaction of artworks.
  • It was also facilitate real-time accountability of museums, shippers, and insurers for enhanced transparency.
  • Verified information connected to the artworks in a collection will have a positive impact on its value.
  • Also offering the potential to empower living artists by tracking artwork locations.


  • Embracing innovative technology, such as that offered by Artclear, will play a pivotal role in shaping a more efficient and rewarding art market for collectors.

Thank you Elizabeth Dee and Craig Hollingworth for joining us.

Webinar Highlights Video

For those looking for a condensed version of the webinar, we have prepared a 9-minute edited highlights video. Watch as industry experts Elizabeth Dee and Craig Hollingworth share their insights on how technology is shaping the future of art collecting.

Watch the Highlights

Full Webinar Recording

If you would like to gain a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered, we invite you to view the full hour-long webinar.

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Elizabeth Dee, CEO and Founder Independent New York

Elizabeth Dee

Elizabeth Dee is Founder and CEO of Independent New York and Independent 20th Century and is a professor at New York University. From 2020-2022, she was the Founding Executive Director of The John Giorno Foundation in New York. After two decades of dedication to gallery practice and collaborating with artists, she regularly lectures on the future of the art market. Previously, Dee was a gallerist in New York for twenty years, representing a global roster of artists, such as John Giorno, Adrian Piper and Ryan Trecartin among others, and co-produced ten movies with Trecartin. She has organized more than 250 exhibitions with artists, museums and foundations. She also was a curatorial advisor to the Kramlich Collection in San Francisco, the world's largest private collection of video art of the 20th Century. Elizabeth has been profiled in many international publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Vogue.

Craig Hollingworth, Collector and Tech Entrepreneur

Craig Hollingworth

Craig Hollingworth, is a successful tech entrepreneur who co-founded one of the UK’s first AI companies in InsureTech. Craig has been building a leading contemporary art collection, since the early 1990s from early exposure to Banksy. He is an investor in ArtTech and is the chairman and Trustee of the art charity Migrate Art. He sits on the TATE North American Acquisition Committee, a prestigious position, which gives him unparalleled insight into emerging artistic trends. Craig is a Founding Circle member and Investor of Factory International / Aviva Studios, a state-of-the-art facility for arts in Manchester. Craig several years ago created the secretive ‘Anarchy Art Club’ for ultra-high net worth collectors globally. Craig is focused on contemporary art collecting focussing on artists such as  Rashid Johnson, Antony Gormley, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Julie Curtis, Eshter Mahlangu and Banksy.


Theo Mould, Artclear

Theo Mould

Theo brings extensive experience of the art market gained from working at a London art dealership and advisory firm for over five years, where he dealt with all levels of the industry. This has given him a clear understanding of the benefits Artclear's solutions have to offer the market. He holds a Masters degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art.