May 30, 2024

Protecting Your Art: How Artclear's Technology Safeguards Against Fraud and Forgery

Protecting Your Art: How Artclear's Technology Safeguards Against Fraud and Forgery

In the world of art, the line between authenticity and forgery can be alarmingly thin. Art collectors, galleries, institutions and auction houses are constantly seeking assurance that the works they encounter in the secondary market are indeed genuine. This is not only expensive, but a time-consuming and not always certain process. Enter Artclear, a technology that offers a powerful solution to these challenges.

Artclear provides an unprecedented level of protection against fraud and forgery, even when dealing with seemingly identical copies. This infrastructure has the capability to differentiate even the most perfect duplicates with forensic level certainty, ensuring the authenticity and value of your precious artworks.

But what sets Artclear apart is not just its ability to identify genuine artwork from forgeries; it's also about how it ensures that the key data related to your artworks is always connected and accessible.

Artclear scanner with painting

Creating Digital Fingerprints for Unwavering Security

Artclear's technology goes beyond object identification. It creates a unique digital fingerprint for each artwork it encounters. This digital fingerprint serves as a secure and unalterable record, tying critical information such as authenticity records to the artwork itself. This means that as long as your artwork exists, so does its digital identity.

Whether you're an art collector, a gallery owner, or a curator, you can verify an ‘Artcleared’ work’s identity and access this invaluable information with ease, enhancing your understanding and trust in the artworks you encounter.

2 near identical photographic prints

Precision that Leaves No Room for Doubt

One key aspect of Artclear’s technology is its precision. It can even distinguish between photographic prints from the same edition. To illustrate this, consider these two seemingly identical prints, of Bridget Bardot photographed by Ray Bellisario (pictured above). To the naked eye, these prints may appear identical, but Artclear's patented forensic imaging technology reveals the subtle nuances that set them apart.

Artclear's specially designed scanning device and advanced algorithms accurately identify even the most minute differences, with less than one in a billion chances of getting a false identification. This commitment to precision is what sets Artclear apart from other authentication methods and ensures that your artworks are protected, regardless of their medium. Whether you own a masterpiece on canvas or a limited edition print, Artclear's technology offers peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safeguarded against fraud and forgery.

In an art market where the stakes are high and forgeries are becoming increasingly sophisticated, Artclear offers confidence and reliability. With its ability to discern the unique characteristics of each piece, it provides an invaluable tool for artists, collectors, galleries, and institutions alike.  

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